With celebrities being snapped more wearing gold jewellery and designers including it more in their collections you have to ask yourself…is gold the new silver?

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Many of us have jewellery boxes full of silver as it took over in popularity in the world of jewellery in the last decade. It also was appealing because it was more affordable. But have things gone full circle? Are we ready to ditch our silver for gold? For those who can’t make up their mind, mixing metals has become popular, so you can have the best of both worlds, and don’t forget the option of rose gold which is also a popular choice at present.
 Pandora autumn
Gold and Silver mixed in Pandora’s Autumn Collection
I had a look at the alluring and pretty gold jewellery that is out there waiting for us to take the next step and go for gold!
Newbridge – Necklace – €20 – link to item
As seen on the lovely Amy Huberman! See picture here.
Karma – Bangle – €23.69 – link to item
 Lipsy watch
Argos: Lipsy – Watch – €47 – link to item
 thomas sabo
Thomas Sabo – Pendant – €49 – link to item
 bracelet chupi
Chupi – Bracelet – €59 – link to item
Arnotts: Swarovski – Ring – €59 – link to item
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