Kiko Milano Ireland: Italian beauty brand “really hopes to be here soon”!


Kiko Milano Ireland, may not be a too distant possibility, which if you have ever been fortunate enough to be on holiday in Italy you will be very familiar with this incredible beauty brand.


About Kiko Milano

‘Be What You Want to Be’ is how KIKO sums up its vision of Beauty. Through its extraordinarily wide and diversified range of products, KIKO allows everyone to express their own personality with custom-made products. A variety of colours, effects and sensations that are unique in the market to suit your style, skin tone, skin type and specific requirements, at every phase of your life…and best of all, their products are affordable!


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Ireland ☘️

Kiko Milano opened a store beside Victoria Square in Belfast last September. The cosmetics store has branches in over 1,000 stores in 20 countries, a third of which are located in Italy. The brand has a widespread presence in Europe as well as in Turkey, the Middle East, the US, Hong Kong, India and Brazil.

The company’s social media representative on Instagram revealed “We really hope to arrive in Ireland soon”, indicating that they have plans to expand into the Republic of Ireland.

We absolutely cannot wait!




In the meantime, Kiko Milano cosmetics can be purchased online.

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