Stylecast – S01E01

Khloe/Tristan/Jordyn, International Women’s Day & Oscars Red Carpet Style



Conversation Summary:

Khloe / Tristan / Jordyn – 00:26

Lori-L fills Karl in on the latest Kardashian goings on between Khloe, Tristan and Jordyn, which created a social media storm. Karl said he didn’t hear anything about it and is not into the Kardashians. Lori-L goes on to explain what happened and the comedy gold memes that were on social media.

International Women’s Day – 03:24

Karl and Lori-L discuss International Women’s Day and how gender equality can improve by educating younger generations and by women supporting each other.

Oscar’s Red Carpet – 07:05

Lori-L and Karl share what they do and don’t like about the Oscars Red Carpet looks in the images on the this episodes Instagram post [above].



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