Stylecast – S01E04

Exercise Classes, Sustainable Fashion & Make-Up Trends for Spring/Summer 2019



Conversation Summary:

Exercise Classes- 00:44

Karl as a qualified fitness instructor explains to Lori-L the benefits of the different types on exercise classes. Lori-L shares her experience with more fun type of exercise class, kangoo jumps, and explains that a social element is important, Karl agrees and mentions aqua classes as an example.

Sustainable Fashion – 06:35

Karl and Lori-L discuss the importance of sustainable fashion, the financial benefit. Lori-L points out that sustainable clothing is more expensive and not everyone can afford it, but if they can they should opt for longer lasting option. Lori-L also mentions the importance of recycling clothes and gives tips on how to recycle them.

Make-Up Trends for Spring/Summer 2019 – 14:18

Lori-L and Karl share what they like and don’t like about the latest make-up trends, in the images on the this episodes Instagram post [above].



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