Stylecast – S01E05

Lush Leaving Social Media, Horoscopes & Accessory Trends for Spring/Summer 2019



Conversation Summary:

Lush Leaving Social Media – 00:36

Lori-L explains to Karl that Lush left announced that they were leaving social media on their Instagram, and then discusses the pros and cons of their marketing strategy.

Horoscopes – 08:16

Karl and Lori-L chat about star signs and the different personality traits for them. Karl explains that it’s linked to an energy and that he avoids people with certain signs. Lori-L also mentions what full moon, new moons and retrograde mean in terms of what is happening in your life at that time.

Accessory Trends for Spring/Summer 2019 – 15:52

Lori-L and Karl share what they like and don’t like about the latest accessory trends, in the images on the this episodes Instagram post [above].



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